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Window washing

First impressions really are the most important! This is especially true when it comes to window washing.

Make sure that before they even get passed the door you are making a good first impression on your clients, employees, guests or partners.

There’s nothing better than looking out at a splendid view through freshly cleaned windows.

To fully enjoy these advantages trust our professional window washing experts.

Do not entrust this delicate task to students or other conventional cleaners. Chose to have your widows washed by professionals who have full time experience in the art of washing window.

RONDEAUNET Inc. has established a system that is managed and operated internally by our own trusted employees. All of our jobs are executed and guaranteed by our team.

At RONDEAUNET Inc. we are experts at washing windows with all of these technics:

- Ground level (0-8 feet)
- Extendable poles (8-32 feet)
- Hydrotube (8-66 feet)
- Ladder (8-46 feet)
- Elevated platform (20-42 feet)
- Rope (20-80 feet)
- Suspended scaffolding (4th to 30th floor)

You can trust RONDEAUNET Inc. for your cleaning!
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Our window washing services includes:

  • Squeegee washing
  • Ground level
  • With poles (up to 32 feet)
  • With ladders (up to 46 feet)
  • With hydro-tubes (up to 66 feet)
  • With ropes (up to 85 feet)
  • With cranes (up to 160 feet)
  • With platforms (up to 300 feet)
  • Certificate for working at heights
  • Special architectural consultations for determining the fixing point and washing technics


  • Residential
  • Condominium
  • Commercial condo
  • Retail store
  • Corporate office
  • Shopping center
  • Industrial
  • Hotel
  • Institutional
  • Governmental

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