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High pressure cleaning

See how you will benefit from the many advantages of our high pressure washing system:

- Graffiti removal
- Cleaning busy sidewalks
- Cleaning surfaces that have been dulled by acid rains
- Cleaning off excess mortar
- Cleaning parking lots
- Etc.

The best to way to keep graffitists under control is to have a regular contract for graffiti removal. This type of counter attack will discourage graffitists as they will not be reaching their goals and they will eventually find another building to vandalise.

According to the APCHQ preventative maintenance of interior parking lots and its surroundings should be done twice a year.

RONDEAUNET Inc. has established a system that is managed and operated internally by our own trusted employees. All of our jobs are executed and guaranteed by our team.

You can trust RONDEAUNET Inc. for your cleaning!
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One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you and evaluate your needs.

Our high pressure washing includes:

  • Work performed at 3600 psi
  • Ground level
  • With ropes (up to 85 feet)
  • With cranes (up to 160 feet)
  • With platforms (up to 300 feet)
  • Certificate for working at heights


  • Residential
  • Condominium
  • Commercial condo
  • Retail store
  • Corporate office
  • Shopping center
  • Industrial
  • Hotel
  • Institutional
  • Governmental

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